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  • placenta

    A spongy structure that grows on the uterine wall during pregnancy and provides nutrition to the fetus.

  • plague

    1. Any contagious epidemic disease that is deadly. 2. An infectious disease caused by Yersinia pestis that can be spread from animals to humans and is normally spread to humans by fleas (called bubonic plague) or from person to person by respiratory droplets (called pnenmonic

  • plantar

    Having to do with the sole of the foot.

  • plasma

    The fluid portion of the blood.

  • platelet

    A thrombocyte, the smallest of the formed components of blood, associated with blood clotting.

  • pleura

    The membrane surrounding the lungs and lining the walls of the chest cavity.

  • pleurisy

    Inflammation of the pleura.

  • plexus

    A network of nerves or veins.

  • plumbism

    Chronic lead poisoning.

  • pneumoconiosis

    Any of several lung diseases caused by inhaling particles of industrial substances.

  • pneumonia

    Acute inflammation or infection of the lungs.

  • pneumothorax

    The buildup of air or gas in the chest cavity. May cause lung collapse.

  • podiatry

    The branch of medicine that pertains to the foot and its ailments.