Staying Healthy

Discover health tips and topics to help you stay well and maintain a healthy body.

Crisis Situations

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is physical, sexual, emotional abuse by a caregiver, parent, spouse, partner, or other family member. It is a…


Bioterrorism is the use of hazardous agents, such as bacteria, viruses, or germs, to harm people.


Rape is any form of sexual violence. Learn about rape, including how to prevent it and what actions to take…

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First Aid and Injury Prevention

Fireworks Safety

Lighting fireworks is a fun American tradition, but it can be dangerous. Follow these tips to stay safe.

Infant CPR/Choking

CPR is an important lifesaving technique to use in emergencies, such as choking. Learn how to give CPR to an…

First Aid Kit When Your Kid Starts Sports

Sports injuries are common with all sports. Be prepared by packing a first aid kit when your child starts playing…

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Healthy Living

Diet and Exercise for a Healthy Heart

Two of the simplest yet most important ways to have a healthy heart are through diet and exercise.

How Healthy is Your Community?

A healthy community is one that supports and improves the health of the people who live there.

“Why do I smoke?" Quiz

Take this quiz to gain some insight on why you smoke. Then, use that information to help you quit.

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Occupational Health

Occupational Exposure to Lead

Learn how to minimize your exposure to lead at work, and about your employer's responsibility for lead in the…

How to Protect Yourself From Job-related Skin Problems

Workers of all ages and in almost all jobs can have skin problems that are related to their occupation. Learn…

Occupational Exposure to HIV: Advice for Health Care Workers

Information for health care workers about how HIV is transmitted and what to do if you think you’ve been exposed…

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Pets and Animals

Cat and Dog Bites

Cat and dog bites are common injuries. Learn tips about how to handle, treat, and prevent bites from pets or…

Pets and Parasites

Household pets can carry parasites (living organisms) that can make pets and people sick. Certain precautions can reduce the risk…

Dog Bites: How to Teach Your Children to Be Safe

Any dog may bite if it feels threatened. Children are the most common victims of dog bites. Teach your child…

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Travel Needs for Seniors

Seniors should be smart about travel.

Texting and Driving

Texting while driving can lead to serious consequences, even death.

Air Travel Health Tips

Information about how to make your air travel safer and healthier.Whether you’re new to flying or have your wings, air…

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